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This is an “opt-in” service. Oya No Kai has email lists available for use by Japanese Immersion Program students, parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, and friends. These lists are used to share news, event notices, requests for assistance or donations, reminders, thank yous, and other business relevant to Oya No Kai and the program. (See Guidelines below.) Please note: Check your spam folder before contacting us if you are not receiving messages. Thank you!

If you need assistance, please use our contact form.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

To subscribe to any of the Richmond, Mt. Tabor, or Grant email lists, click on the appropriate link below and enter your email address in the indicated fields. To unsubscribe, click on the appropriate link below, scroll down, and fill out the very last box. Then click “unsubscribe or edit options”. (To broadcast a message, first read and follow the guidelines below and send to the address listed in the parenthesis.)

Please note: Listserv groups will be migrated (moved up a grade) August 31st of each year. If you are signing up after the school year is over in June, please continue to use the list that your child just graduated from until the August 31 deadline. For example: Your child just completed 4th grade and you sign up for the listserv in July. You will still sign up for the 4th grade group. Your address will be moved up to 5th grade on August 31. New preschool families are suggested to wait until after August 31 to sign up.

Preschool (richmond-preschool [at]
Kindergarten (richmond-k [at]
1st Grade (richmond-ichi [at]
2nd Grade (richmond-ni [at]
3rd Grade (richmond-san [at]
4th Grade (richmond-shi [at]
5th Grade (richmond-5 [at]

6th Grade (tabor-6 [at]
7th Grade (tabor-7 [at]
8th Grade (tabor-8 [at]

9th Grade (grant-kyu [at]
10th Grade (grant-ju [at]
11th Grade (grant-11 [at]
12th Grade (grant-12 [at]

Alumni (sotsugyosei [at]

Guidelines – Please read before posting anything to the listserv! Items that are deemed inappropriate for the ONK listserv will not be posted.  These include:

1.    Inappropriate language or personal attacks.
2.    Unsolicited offers and advertising (“spam”).
3.    Business solicitations, even if you want to offer your services to ONK members. (We will allow after school programs at Richmond, Mt. Tabor and Grant to advertise, only if they are exclusive to those students and if flyers have been approved at the schools.)
4.    Copyrighted material.  If you have an article or news item to share, please post a citation or a link to the article, but no copyrighted material will be sent.
5.    Personal invitations, even if you wish to invite families. Fundraising events or events sponsored by ONK can be publicized on the listservs as they would be in school newsletters. Personal invitations to parties, gatherings, and events are not included because they do not concern ONK or Japanese program business.
6.    Personal data, especially your children’s names or addresses.

If you are unsure as to whether your item is appropriate, please contact ONK before sending any messages to the listservs.

Each list is moderated, which means that all posts must be approved before being sent to the list. Moderation has ensured that inappropriate or irrelevant items are not sent to subscribers.

Each list also does not accept attachments, no matter the size. This includes Word .doc files, .txt files, pictures (.gif or .jpg), Adobe PDFs, and HTML files. Oya No Kai apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Each list is completely voluntary. No one is automatically subscribed; each person decides if he or she wants to belong or not. Subscribers may belong to more than one list if so desired. Email addresses provided to the list for subscription are protected and are not shared with any organization outside ONK.

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