JRR Update 4/5

Many of you have been asking for an update on the JRR.  This year’s JRR is on track to leave in a couple weeks with almost 80 students in attendance.  JRR 2018 will happen during the same April time slot as this year, during the school year and part of the academic curriculum.  The ONK Advocacy committee is still tracking details of the recommendation approved by interim Superintendent Bob McKean.  While ONK is appreciative that the timing of the trip will not be disrupted, aspects of the recommendation are questionable to how they will be implemented – namely that PPS wants to facilitate but not sponsor the JRR. The implications are that PPS staff can attend, but they will be attending as supervisory adults and not as staff.  How this works and still maintains the academic rigor and honoring the work of the staff are big questions.

Today (4/5/2017) at 4:30 is the Teaching and Learning Committee meeting which is a public meeting and will be dedicated entirely on Japan Research Residency resolution and discussion of outstanding issues.  The Mandarin MIP capstone travel will also be discussed.  The meeting is at PPS central office in the main conference room.