Camp Westwind

Camp Westwind

Camp Westwind Information and Updates

In order to help you plan and be ready for Camp Westwind we have created a set of pages with detailed information about departures/arrivals, directions, packing, meals, sleeping arrangements, and activities.

Departure Planning: Camp Westwind is normally a TWO HOUR drive from Portland.  This page will provide vital information on when to pick you kids up from school, parking, and ferry crossing times.

Packing:  Plan for rain, think about rain proof luggage (heafty bags), and make sure you have walking & beach shoes.  Check out this page for many other packing suggestions.

Directions:  Meeting us at the ferry on Friday or hiking in on Saturday?  This page should provide everything you need to know.

Cabins: You will not be roughing it, but you will likely be sharing a living space.  Details on the cabins, the lodge, bathrooms, etc can be found here.

Meals:  Find out more about meal preparation, serving, and cleanup.  Also if you have not already done so make sure to register your dietary preferences in the Westwind Portal.

Activities:  Hiking, sandcastles, beach volleyball, campfire night, find out more here.