Update on Travel Policy

Update on Travel Policy

JDLI Community,

Here’s a quick update on the PPS field trip policy revisions and the evolving situation. Many of you saw the WW article that came out this week. We’ve reached out directly to the journalist to formally call out the misinformation, lack of context and over-sensationalized coverage.

However, besides the misleading facts about our program, the article also completely mis-conveyed the status of the current discussion at the committee level. ONK’s singular focus has been continuing our engagement with the PPS board and superintendent to maintain our core programming and assist the district in creating a policy that ensures the safety of students while at the same time, grows comparable experiential learning opportunities (both DLI and non-DLI), particularly in middle school and 8th grade. It was confirmed this morning at the PPS Committee of Policy and Governance that the ONK endorsed revised policy we sent to the JDLI community last week will move forward to first reading at the 2/26 PPS board meeting. Please find the latest revision here.

After first reading of the revised policy, there will be a 21 day comment period. If no substantive changes, it will move forward to a 2nd reading and a vote. ONK will continue to voice our support of the district’s efforts to provide focused educational opportunities for all students by creating capstone (or experiential learning) programs across all middle school curriculum as the best path to closing the opportunity gap and achieving equity.

Stay tuned for updates. https://oyanokai.org/advocacy/