Host Families, Chinook Books, Auction, Scrip

Host Families, Chinook Books, Auction, Scrip

Welcome back to the new school year!

Urgent Need for Host Families!
We are in a very critical situation, since we still don’t have enough host families for our interns. We are asking for your immediate commitment and would like all host families lined up by the end of this week.

To host an intern, there are two primary requirements. They are:
1. You live within a 45 minute bus ride of one of the three schools (Richmond, Mt. Tabor, or Grant)
2. You have a separate bedroom for the intern. Bathrooms may be shared.

Please email Yoko Niki-Breyfogle at ynbreyfogle[at] if you are interested!

Chinook Books/Apps for Sale
Come and get your Chinook Book or App! Find us outside before school in the front, weather permitting. If we are not there, we will be next to Rich Coffee in breezeway. $25 for book. $15 mobile app. Why do we sell Chinook Books? Each year Oya No Kai grants funds to the Cultural Exchanges to Japan, supports the interns, and provides many more programs vital to the success of the JDLI.  Questions – email Courtney at Courtney.knudson[at]

Oya No Kai Auction Needs YOU!
The annual ONK auction, which helps support classroom interns and the cultural exchange trips to Japan, will be on Saturday, February 29. In order to ensure this fundraiser is successful, we need volunteers in the following areas:

1. Procurement: help send out requests to businesses to solicit items/services for our silent auction (a team of 4-5 people would be ideal).
2. Auction Art Project Lead: Manage and support the auction art projects. You do not need to help with the actual making of art, just managing it. Last year, the artworks raised more than $10K.

If you are interested in helping in either of these areas or have any questions, please email Yumi at yumi.wong[at] Thank you!

Scrip Volunteers Needed!
An easy and fun way to provide valuable support to the JDLI program’s interns and cultural exchanges is by volunteering to sell scrip one morning in the Richmond breezeway each week or month. What is scrip? Scrip is selling gift cards at face value that Oya No Kai is able to purchase at a discount from stores like Target, New Seasons, Freddie’s, Starbucks, etc. Families buy gift cards for the stores where they already shop, and Oya No Kai raises funds for the JDLI program. It’s a win-win! Questions – email Victoria at scrip[at]