2020 5th Grade Trip Disneyland Fundraiser

2020 5th Grade Trip Disneyland Fundraiser

Dear JDLI Community,

We are saddened to report that 2020 5th grade Japan trip has been cancelled due to Corona virus threats and subsequent advisement of travel oversight bodies and legal entities. The 5th grade fundraising team, led by Richmond parents participated in a service project in order to earn donated Disneyland entrance tickets with the plan to raise money for their children’s trip.  

The service project was completed in January and the earned Disneyland tickets arrived before the Oya No Kai board was advised to cancel the trip. As 5th grade trip families will be faced with sizable penalty fees for cancelling, it has been determined that the raffle will move forward in order to help mitigate cancellation costs incurred by families. 

Given the Disneyland tickets don’t expire for almost two full years, our hope is that the pandemic is contained within that window and that the winning bidder has ample time to travel to and enjoy Disneyland. The 2020 5th grade fundraising team appreciates your support.