Support Students in Need + JDLI at the same time

Support Students in Need + JDLI at the same time

September is Hunger Action Month,

and many PPS families are experiencing food and economic insecurity right now. Oya No Kai invites you to donate Scrip gift cards to the PPS families most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How it works: Oya No Kai has a full inventory of Scrip gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, gas and other necessities that, due to the pandemic, we couldn’t sell at school last spring. When you buy Scrip cards for donation, Oya No Kai will partner with PPS Community Engagement to distribute them to families in need throughout the school district. Your donation also will support our Japanese cultural programs, because Oya No Kai receives 4% to 15% of each Scrip card purchase.

How you can help: Go to

Oya No Kai’s Scrip Donation Store

Choose either a Gift Card donation OR a Donation Basket (a selection of cards for a family). Easy check out from your cart with a credit or debit card. 

Please contact with any questions.