5th Grade Chaperoning

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Thinking of chaperoning the 2022 Japan trip? We’d love to have you! Please check out these links for more information.

Chaperone applications are due on October 30th. Please e-mail your completed application forms to: 5Gculturalexchange@oyanokai.org

Background checks

Chaperone applicants will need to pass the Portland Public School background check to be eligible to chaperone. Here is the link to the PPS website:  https://www.pps.net/volunteer

Meeting Dates

October 7, 2021: Initial chaperone interest meeting.

Portland Public Schools does not fund, sponsor, or endorse this travel study program. The District is not responsible for conducting or supervising this trip. Portland Public School employees who participate in travel study programs are not acting in their capacity as District employees and do so at their own risk. Students participating in travel study programs do so at their own risk.