5th Grade Cultural Exchange


In the summer after the completion of 5th grade, Richmond students have the opportunity to travel on either a ten day trip to the Kansai area or Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido. These cultural exchanges are culminating experiences for both students and parents, after six years of hard work of being immersed in the Japanese language.

The main objectives of the 5th Grade Japanese Cultural Exchange are:

  • To provide students with an authentic cultural experience.
  • To allow students to use their language skills and cultural knowledge.
  • To provide a home stay experience.
  • To have a culminating experience for six years of learning Japanese.

Registration & Payments

We have a new registration system where you can safely and securely upload your child’s documents and make monthly payments. Registration and the first (non-refundable) deposit of $150 is due by September 30.


Oya No Kai believes that any student who wishes to participate in the 5th grade exchange should be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation. If a scholarship would help your family, please do apply.

Scholarship applications are due October 17, 2023. Decisions will be made by November 15, 2023.

Portland Public Schools does not fund, sponsor, or endorse this travel study program. The District is not responsible for conducting or supervising this trip. Portland Public School employees who participate in travel study programs are not acting in their capacity as District employees and do so at their own risk. Students participating in travel study programs do so at their own risk.