5th Grade – Documents


You can download all of the forms for the 2024 Japan trip here. NOTE: For each form requiring a parent(s) signature, all custodial guardians of the student must sign unless court documents proving sole custodianship are provided.

All forms must be uploaded to your student’s account on the registration website.

Please DO NOT leave any application materials at school or in school cubbies. Please DO keep a copy for your records.

Download a printable checklist of documents. 

DEADLINE for all forms and documents: January 1, 2024

Notarized Forms

Non-notarized Forms

Passport Copies

Note: Passports must be valid through December 2024.

  • Please upload a copy of the traveling student’s passport PLUS a copy of at least one custodial parent or guardian to your student’s account on the registration site.

Proof of Travel Insurance: Due May 1, 2024

Families will be provided additional information about purchasing travel insurance, including coverage requirements and recommended vendors, after plane tickets are purchased.


Please contact the trip planning team at: 5gculturalexchange@oyanokai.org.

Portland Public Schools does not fund, sponsor, or endorse this travel study program. The District is not responsible for conducting or supervising this trip. Portland Public School employees who participate in travel study programs are not acting in their capacity as District employees and do so at their own risk. Students participating in travel study programs do so at their own risk.