5th Grade Parent Resources

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Important Links and Resources

  • Request access to the 2022 email list
    Please provide your contact information and we’ll add you to the email list!
  • Sign up for the ONK Trip App
    The app is where you’ll make your deposits in a number of installments over the course of the year.
  • 2022 Timeline
    The timeline will have all the important meeting dates and paperwork/deposit deadlines.
  • 5th Grade Trip FAQ
    This is a living document that will be updated frequently as questions arise. Last update: 10/21/2021.
  • Preparing Your Child
    Traveling to another country—without your parents!—can be a scary thing for kids. Here are some tips to help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is required for all trip participants.

Presentations & Meeting Recordings

Yen Exchange

Portland Public Schools does not fund, sponsor, or endorse this travel study program. The District is not responsible for conducting or supervising this trip. Portland Public School employees who participate in travel study programs are not acting in their capacity as District employees and do so at their own risk. Students participating in travel study programs do so at their own risk.