BottleDrop is a convenient way to redeem your Oregon beverage containers – and a EXTRA convenient way to donate to Oya No Kai! From the BottleDrop website:

Through BottleDrop, you can immediately redeem your containers through self-serve machines and hand counts at any of our 26 full-service Redemption Centers. You can also let us do the work for you. With the ease and convenience of the Green Bag Program, you can drop full bags of containers for redemption at a Redemption Center or participating grocery store with a bag drop location. We also work with Oregon nonprofits who can engage their supporters and supercharge their fundraising through our Blue Bag program.

Find a BottleDrop location

Donate to Oya No Kai via BottleDrop

First you’ll need a BottleDrop account.

Next, you can choose Oya No Kai as the recipient of those deposit refunds. Here’s a video showing you how!

JRR BottleDrop Fundraiser

Spring 2023 BottleDrop funds will help support the 8th Grade Japanese Research Residency. Pick up a blue BottleDrop bag from the Japanese classroom at Mt. Tabor Middle School, and start collecting! The bags are already marked with a QR code that will direct the funds to Oya No Kai. You don’t need a BottleDrop account to donate using the marked blue bags!

Here’s how: