Connect with families

Oya No Kai manages a private Facebook group for JDLI families and community members. Please join us! Note that you must answer several membership questions before your membership request will be approved.

General JDLI Facebook groups

  • Richmond JDLI – official private Facebook group managed by Richmond Elementary School volunteers
  • JDLI Alumni and Family – private Facebook group open to any and all JDLI alumni, including interns

Class specific groups

These private Facebook groups are created and maintained by parents of students in a specific high school graduating class.

If you create a new Facebook group for an upcoming (or existing) class, please let us know at

Other Facebook groups of interest

Other social media

You can also follow Oya No Kai on Instagram!

JDLI Directory

Oya No Kai has historically maintained a directory of JDLI families. While we no longer have an online, searchable directory, we are considering other options that will help families connect with each other. Stay tuned for more information.