Sign up for the Directory! It’s quick and easy!

Thank you for taking a few moments to sign up for this free Oya No Kai (ONK) service. The good news is, you will only need to signup once as the lists are graduated each year. (Just be sure to update with any new information.) Please note, you need to “opt in” to be included in the directory. Are you signed up for the Listserv? If not, go here. Arigato!

What is the directory?

The directory is available to current Japanese Immersion Program families (PreK – 12th) where you can find student and family information (address, phone number, etc.). Use online and mobile versions to search by last name, teacher, or grade. Great for finding names and addresses to set up playdates and mail out party invitations! Printed versions available in fall. (see order button below)

NEW – Get the My School Anywhere Directory app free.

Let’s get started.


OPTION #1 (for new families):

Click here or use the link below to register and enter your student and family information into our directory database. We’ll then send you a confirmation email which will allow you to set up a password protected account. Deadline for getting into the 2014 printed directory will be October 24, 2014. Contact for assistance.

Please note: Student information will be “graduated” (moved up a grade) August 31st of each year. If you are signing up after the school year is over in June, please sign up under the grade your child just graduated from until the August 31 deadline. For example: Your child just completed 4th grade and you sign up for the directory in July. You will still sign up for the 4th grade group. Your information will be moved up to 5th grade on August 31. New preschool families are suggested to wait until after August 31 to sign up.

OPTION #2 (after you have registered and for returning families):

Once you are registered, you can login at anytime to access the directory, download and print a copy for yourself, make an update to your personal information, or delete your information if you are no longer in the program. Get the app and make using the online directory even more convenient.

Please note: The directory groups are “graduated” each year, which means last year’s group information will automatically get moved up to the next grade. This process takes about a week and access to the directory is not available during this time. Confirmation emails will be sent out when this process has been completed. Lists will be graduated on August 31 of each year.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The directory is for the convenience of Japanese Immersion Program students and parents. Please respect their privacy and do not use this directory for solicitations, business mailings, marketing of a personal business, or personal issues not related to the Japanese Immersion Program.