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If every Japanese Immersion Program student’s family donated $65, the Intern Program would be fully funded.

For over 25 years, Oya No Kai has supported students and families of the Japanese Immersion Program. It takes a lot of effort from our parents, teachers, administrations, and the community to achieve our goal of bettering the education of our students but we need your help. Please consider donating to Oya No Kai so we can continue our work to fund and coordinate the Intern, Home Stay, and Cultural Exchange programs, as well as award cultural exchange grants and student scholarships.

We can’t do what we do without your generous support! Please help maintain the high quality of our children’s education and keep the programs that make the Japanese Immersion Program of Portland Public Schools so unique and nationally-recognized.

Here are some examples of how your money is used for the Japanese Immersion Program:

– Oya No Kai spends approximately $3500 per year on each intern. (Please see list of expenses under “Intern Program”.) The annual bus pass alone costs $1000. A donation of $500 would provide a bus pass for 6 months or 4 months of Language and Culture classes. If every family in the program donated $65/student attending the program, the Intern Program would be fully funded.

Scholarships – Oya No Kai is proud to provide scholarships for those students who may not be able to participate in one of our cultural exchanges without some financial assistance. While the trips are optional, they are also unique opportunities which provide students with real world experiences. These experiences can help to solidify a student’s dedication to learning Japanese. Families determine the amount they are able to contribute and Oya No Kai does its best to supplement for the remainder. Costs of trips vary but generally run $3000 per student.

Your contribution will provide essential funding and is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Oya No Kai’s Tax ID #93-1124364.

We participate in the following programs and gladly accept:

  • Oregon Cultural Trust – The Oregon Cultural Trust partners with over 1,300 cultural nonprofits throughout Oregon. A gift to one or more of these qualifying nonprofit organizations followed by a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust allows a donor to claim a tax credit. The tax deductible portion of memberships to many Oregon cultural organizations also qualifies toward the matching gift. ONK Oregon Cultural Trust Flyer
  • Stock donations – Bequests and gifts of appreciated stock to Oya No Kai may not be subject to capital gains taxes, and you may receive a tax deduction of the appreciated value. For information on how to do this, please contact our Treasurer at
  • Monetary donations – Any amount you wish to donate directly to Oya No Kai is greatly appreciated. You may mail us a check or make an online donation through our 100% secure donation site.
  • Scrip – (Year-round fund raiser) Buying scrip is like getting two-for-the-price-of one! You use the scrip how you would any other gift card/certificate and Oya No Kai earns a percentage of that amount, at no cost to you! Read more about which businesses participate in the Scrip program under “Activities & Fundraisers“. For questions, contact Scrip Coordinator at
  • Annual Auction – (February/March) Our most successful and fun event of the year, Oya No Kai’s Annual Auction focuses on raising funds for the Intern and Cultural Exchange Scholarship Programs. We can always use support for such a big event. You can help in any of the following ways: Sponsorship, Donations of cash, In-Kind donations (goods and services). Please contact the Oya No Kai on the Contact page for more information, donate, or volunteer.