Intern Program


Interns are a unique part of this program. Please read about how you can support them.


Japanese interns are an integral part of the Japanese Immersion Program. In addition to assisting the Japanese teachers in the classroom, interns ensure that our students hear two Japanese language speakers on a daily basis. At Richmond, the interns help out with all classroom duties. At the middle- and high-school levels, they are also a valued asset when the Japanese language program filters into other areas of the curriculum.

In any given year, there may be up to 20 interns spread throughout our three schools. (For example: 14 at Richmond Elementary, 4 at Mt. Tabor Middle School, and 2 at Grant High School.) Interns arrive in late March – early April and leave the following March. We are always looking for welcoming families to host an intern for 6 months at a time. For more information, go to our Become a Host Family page.

Oya No Kai supports the Interns by providing the following:

  •  Home stays
  •  Community activities & experiences
  •  Intern Coordinator
  •  Bikes, helmets, & bike safety classes
  •  TriMet bus passes
  •  Professional training through PPS
  •  Language & Culture classes
  •  Food stipends (to offset lunch cost) for Host Families

Funding the Intern Program

The Intern Program of the Japanese Immersion Program is entirely community-supported. The cost of funding one intern is $3500 or $65/student. One of our biggest expenses is the bus pass program which is $1000 per annual pass. Please help keep this vital and rewarding program alive for all of our students with your tax-deductible gift to Oya No Kai, or by donating your time, goods, or services at the annual ONK Auction. For more information, please send an email to


If you would like more Japanese language support for your child, our interns can provide one-on-one tutoring for him or her. They can meet with your student either at your home, at school after class, or at a convenient location. Tutoring sessions are minimum 30 minutes. For more information on selecting an intern as a tutor, please send an email to

Get to Know

There are many opportunities to get to know our interns. They participate outside the regular school day in a variety of activities in the Japanese Immersion Program as well as in other community events. They also teach at Oya No Kai’s summer Japanese camp, Kurabu. Interns like to experience as much culture and activities as they can while living in Portland, so feel free to invite them over for dinner or on your next outing!

Interested in Hosting?

Oya No Kai’s Intern Program only works if we can get families to host. Please read over the Home Stay Host Guidelines to see if you qualify and then contact the Oya No Kai Board at to help you get started on this rewarding experience. More information can also be found on our Become a Host Family page.