Join Oya No Kai with a family membership!

Your $40 Oya No Kai Annual Family Membership entitles you to:

  • Cast a vote at general meetings
  • Participate in our outbound cultural exchanges
  • Sign up your student for Camp Kurabu
  • Enter the lottery for Camp Westwind

You do not need to purchase a membership to be part of the JDLI community, but please note that a paid Oya No Kai membership is required to participate in the above programs and activities. Memberships are valid for the academic year in which they were purchased (specifically: 9/1-8/31).

In addition to directly supporting the JDLI’s programs and activities, your membership dues help support Oya No Kai’s advocacy efforts as we address the benefits of language immersion, academic exchanges, and cultural literacy across all of Portland Public School’s Dual Language Immersion programs. The Oya No Kai board works tirelessly on behalf of the JDLI community to make sure PPS understands the importance of our unique model and continues to support us academically and philosophically.

Support Oya No Kai with a membership today!

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We get it; there are a lot of school-related organizations out there, and maybe you’re not quite ready to go all in. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss out on Oya No Kai news! You can join our mailing list without an annual membership.

Sign up for our mailing list

Note: Because of PPS privacy policies, you must opt into our mailing list for us to be able to communicate directly with you! This email list is our primary way of connecting with families and sending you Oya No Kai news. 

Membership registration process

Registering for a family membership takes a few minutes and has some redundant sections, but you should only have to fill it out once! Registering each individual in your family ensures that the system will automatically recognize that a family membership has been purchased when you try to sign up for a camp or exchange program.

Under Participants and Options:

Fill out information for each member in your family. At this stage it will look like everyone is being charged a $0 membership fee.

Under Membership:

Choose the $40 membership fee ONCE. Choose the $0 option for everyone else.

Under Registration Forms:

Fill out the information for each family member. This information help us with our communications!

Under Primary/Secondary Guardian:

This section confirms parent information and lets us know if/how you would like to volunteer.

Under Waivers and Agreements:

The Active Networks waiver is a standard waiver that allows us to use their platform without holding them responsible for anything that goes wrong on an Oya No Kai program.

Confirmation and Receipt:

The confirmation and receipt are a little hard to follow, but it shows that you have paid $40 dues for your family membership; each individual within the family shows as having paid $0. For example, for a family of four you will have five registrations – one paid family registration and four free individual registrations. You’ll receive a registration confirmation email for each family member as well as an order receipt for the family.

What happened to the online directory?

With the switch to a new membership and registration platform, we unfortunately lost access to our opt-in searchable online directory. We’re working on a replacement, possibly in a different format.