Language Learning Support Portal

Japanese Conversation Partners

In conjunction with ONK, Tammy Toyoda has organized a program that pairs older and younger students together for weekly Japanese conversation classes. This program currently accommodates approximately 135 older and younger students. We are encouraging students to continue their sessions over the summer to keep up their language practice. Please see the link below if your student is interested. Also, if you have a high school or 8th grade student in your family who is interested in working with a younger student, we are short on older student volunteers. Japanese speaking parents can also volunteer to help with younger students. The form attached can be filled out by either older student volunteers or younger students interested in participating in the program. 

Community-Sourced Japanese Learning Resources

Over the years, the ONK community has gathered and shared useful on-line resources to help students advance their language and culture studies. The resources provided here have been useful for students and their families. The content and style vary, with some quite structured and academic and others more focused on entertainment and cultural immersion. We update this information as new resources are shared in the community, however ONK is not responsible for vetting or endorsing any of the learning content on these websites. We encourage families to help us refine and expand our list if you have ideas! If you have a resource to share, you can submit it to Oya No Kai here.

Tutoring Provided by Former Interns and Japanese Speakers

Oya No Kai is helping families find Japanese tutoring support for their children during the COVID-19 school closure and the summer ahead. The following table shows available, virtual language tutors who are either former teaching interns or native speakers. Paid tutors charge $10 per 30min session; volunteer tutors may prefer not to be paid or accept an equivalent donation. Details about tutors’ grade preferences and other information is also provided.

We ask that families email potential tutors directly to inquire about availability, set up sessions and arrangement payment as needed. Oya No Kai is not responsible for organizing, vetting or resolving any issues related to tutoring services, but will continue to update information about available tutors.