ONK Scrip!

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Scrip is a quick and easy fundraiser. In one year, Scrip can raise $15,000 or more for Oya No Kai Cultural Exchanges! 

Whether you shop at Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Amazon, Macy’s, Target and dozens of other retailers, you can make your purchase using an Oya No Kai Scrip eCard. Whether you are buying groceries, fueling up your Outback, doing a home improvement, or dining out, you can support Oya No Kai at the same time by buying ONK Scrip to pay for it.

Scrip is the same as buying an gift card that you can use for online purchases, or print to use at a store – the same as cash or credit – and ONK receives 4% – 15% of your purchase at no cost to you! You can raise hundreds of dollars for ONK just by buying Scrip for the purchases you make every day.

Why use cash or your credit card, when you can use ONK Scrip and raise funds for Oya No Kai’s programs at the same time – all at no cost to you!


  1. Scrip eCards.  You can conveniently order, use and print ScripNow eCards and reload funds onto gift cards you already own from your computer or device. Just visit www.shopwithscrip.com and enroll using our code 2768B8DA1L465.
  2. Online Store Coming Soon!  Order your scrip cards online, and we will arrange delivery to you.  Coming soon.


Oya No Kai invites you to donate Scrip gift cards to the PPS families most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn more here!


Contact scrip@oyanokai.org or simply visit www.shopwithscrip.com and enroll using our code 2768B8DA1L465.