Reload your cards

Physical Cards

Skip shipping, get gift cards faster, and do some good for the planet by adding money to reloadable cards. Reloading is a time-saving option that allows you to earn and add funds to physical gift cards you’ve already purchased through our RaiseRight app or—no more waiting for new gift cards to ship to your coordinator.

eGift Cards

When you purchase eGift cards, they automatically appear in your Wallet on RaiseRight mobile app or on You can, also, print eGift cards and redeem them like a physical gift card.

Name your card

The first time you add money to a reloadable gift card, you’ll enter the card number and name the card for future use, for example, “Mom’s Starbucks Card.”

To reload for either card

Assuming you have shopped before, visit RaiseRaight mobile app or at

At ShopwithScrip, Select Go to Dashboard > Family Functions > Wallet from your dashboard to see your eGift cards and information on registered reloadable cards.

At RaiseRight mobile App, Head to your Wallet to manage your eGift cards and reloadable gift cards.

For more information on reloading the cards