Sapporo Summer Institute

Area of Travel: Sapporo, Hokkaido

During the summer following their sophomore or junior year, SOGO (Intermediate to Advanced Japanese Immersion Program classes) course students at Grant High School may participate in an intensive four-week summer institute, or “Kakikenshu”, in Sapporo-city. This institute involves high-level language studies coupled with extensive field study experiences. These experiences are then connected to the students’ capstone community service projects.

Oya No Kai would like to recognize the Portland-Sapporo Sister City Association and the city of Sapporo for their support of this exchange.

SSI 2024 Exchange

The 2024 exchange will take place mid-summer, most likely late June to mid-July in and around Portland’s sister city of Sapporo. We expect the exchange to be just over two weeks but duration and other details are still TBD.

As in years past, there will be an application process. Applications are due 11/17/2023.

Apply now for the 2024 SSI!

SSI 2024 Info Sessions

Info sessions were held in October, 2023. Miss the meetings? You can view the presentation here.

Portland Public Schools does not fund, sponsor, or endorse this travel study program. The District is not responsible for conducting or supervising this trip. Portland Public School employees who participate in travel study programs are not acting in their capacity as District employees and do so at their own risk. Students participating in travel study programs do so at their own risk.