Camp Westwind – Meals

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Dietary Restrictions

We need to know if there are any specific dietary restrictions or food allergies in your group. We also like to know how many vegetarians, pescetarians, vegans, and gluten­ free diners are attending, so we can best plan the amount of food to prepare for our group. Please use the registration form to let us know any such details for your group, or drop us an email about your needs (the earlier the better!).

Meal preparation, serving, and cleanup.

Meals are served in the large dining room in the Wilson Lodge. Our entire group of 145 eats together.   The menus are hearty, simple, and designed to appeal to the broadest cross section of families. We plan a hot breakfast, light lunches that don’t interrupt the day for too long, and big hearty dinners to restore you in the evening. We will even have a wonderful Japanese dinner one night, prepared in part by the interns.

On the two shorter weekends, there is a Westwind cook that directs all the activity in the kitchen.  On the Memorial Day weekend, we need a Meal Captain for each meal that leads the preparation effort.  It has been a tradition on Oya No Kai weekends to have everybody pitch in and work together to prepare our meals. Not only does this keep down the cost of the weekends, but it is also a great opportunity to get to know other families! The kitchen is noisy with music and laughter as the meals are prepared, served, and cleaned up. There will be sign­up sheets posted in Wilson Lodge upon your arrival, and everybody gets to sign up meal prep, serving, and clean up opportunities. You must be 16 years old to work in the kitchen.  Children under 16 should NOT sign up on their own for kitchen duties.  However, ALL children are invited to participate in setting up and cleaning up the dining room.

Memorial Day Weekend ‘Meal Captains’

Each meal has a certain number of tasks that need to be completed, and an order and schedule for their completion, so that the meal is ready to go at the appointed hour. While many hands make the work light, there needs to be one person in the kitchen with the big picture in mind, who makes sure everything is getting done, so the meal is a success. This is the Meal Captain! The Meal Captain does NOT have to be a chef, or have amazing culinary skills. They really just need to be able to understand a plan, and make sure that it is all getting done. Each meal will have a set menu and simple recipes to prepare, with ingredients and time­tables all laid out. If you have ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, this is your opportunity to be the Master Chef!! WE NEED TO HAVE A MEAL CAPTAIN VOLUNTEER FOR EACH OF THE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND’S MEALS. WE DO THIS IN ADVANCE, SO THAT CAPTAINS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THE MENU AND THE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS IN ADVANCE. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER TO BE A CAPTAIN FOR ONE OF THE MEALS.

Memorial Day weekend will need NINE meal captains! Take the plunge!