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The Westwind weekends are intended to give families in the program a chance to spend time together and bond with other families in the program. It’s with this in mind that there’s a policy that families come together. For safety reasons, we don’t allow people to bring their child’s friend(s) for the weekend, even if the friend is part of the immersion program. If a child that’s part of the immersion program attends, they must attend with their parent or legal guardian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is there a Covid-19 vaccination requirement  to attend Camp Westwind in 2022?

A:  Yes, proof of vaccine will be required for all attendees, including eligible children.

Q: Does Oya No Kai make a lot of money off the Westwind weekends?

A: No. This is not a revenue generating program for Oya No Kai, and Oya No Kai does not subsidize the Westwind weekends. We do try to break even so that it’s not a financial burden to the organization.

Q: Has the Westwind price gone up this year? 

A: Yes. In the past, Westwind gave us a price break because we were in the kitchen preparing food. We have stopped doing this for a couple years and they haven’t raised our rates until now. Westwind had generously offered to slowly increment our increases so that we are eventually paying the same rate all organizations pay for catered meals. Keep in mind Westwind is also a non-profit organization. In the past we currently paid $4/meal/head. In 2020, while the weekends were ultimately cancelled, Oya No Kai was scheduled to pay $6/meal/head. For 2022, the cost to Oya No Kai will be $10/head/meal.

Q: How does the lottery work?

A: We gather the names of everyone that has said they are interested in attending then use an online raffle picking tool to generate the list of winners for each weekend. While working on the lottery we do “save” spots for the following people: any interns wanting to attend, Oya No Kai Board members, Onsite Weekend Hosts and Westwind Coordinators.

Q: How can I up my chances of going to Westwind?

A: Become an Oya No Kai Board Member or join the Westwind Coordination Team! We save spots during each weekend for Board Members. Go to to get in contact with the Board and learn how you can sign up. Email and let us know you’re interested in becoming an Onsite Host for one of the Westwind weekends.

Q: Can I pick which cabin I want to stay in?

A: For 2022, you will not be able to request staying with certain families. While this is inconvenient, it’s the best way for us to manage the weekend, given the COVID protocols and all the changes at Westwind. Thank you for your understanding!

Q: What happens if I can’t get in? Am I guaranteed a spot next year? 

A: If you didn’t get into the lottery this year, and are interested in trying again next year, we put your name at the top of the waiting list.

Q: Am I guaranteed a spot if I’m currently hosting an intern?

A: No. But if you successfully lotto into one of the weekends, you will go on the same weekend as your intern.