Camp Westwind – Cabins & Sleeping

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Bathrooms, showers, & cabins

At the center of Camp Westwind is a large central building (Wilson Lodge) with the dining hall, community space, and outdoor deck. Next door is the Cascade Head, the bathroom & shower building. Campers sleep in fifteen rustic cabins spread out across a hillside of coastal woodland. There is one group of cabins at the base of the hillside, and two other groups of cabins higher up on the hillside. The lowest cabins are assigned to families with the youngest children, and for people with bad hips, knees, and hearts that might have difficulty with the higher cabins.

Also down low is the McIver Learning Center. McIver has a large open great room with lots of open space, fireplaces, and a kitchen area. Across a deck area there are four bunk rooms, and two bathrooms. A dozen or more people will often ask to set up camp and sleep on the floors in the McGiver open area, and some even bring tents to set up in this indoor space. The bunk rooms in McIver are normally used for families with very young children, or other special needs.

Most of the cabins have bunks for 9 people. These are traditional camp bunks, with foam camp mattresses. You must bring along a sleeping bag or other bedding. Cabins have electric lights and heating, and electrical outlets that can power CPAP machines and cellphone chargers.

There are no bathrooms in the cabins. Everybody uses the Cascade Head toilets and showers. The lower cabins are conveniently near the Cascade Head, but cabins farther up the hillside have an outhouse/pit toilet nearby for your middle-of-the-night needs. The McIver building also has two modern toilets & showers.

Cabin Assignments

Cabin assignments are done a week or two before your weekend, when no further attendance changes are likely to happen.

If your family has any special needs or physical disabilities that would make it difficult to climb a hill to get to your cabin, please let us know. We use the lowest group of cabins for families with the youngest children, as well as for folks who would have difficulty reaching the higher cabins. Families with older children will likely have cabins higher up on the hill. Consider your good health a blessing! The higher cabins have better views and a fresh sea breeze!

When making cabin assignments, we try to match up families with like-aged children. We know that it’s fun for kids to camp with their school friends, and it’s nice for you to get to know the parents.

Often there are other families attending the same weekend that you would like to have as cabin-­mates. If you let us know these preferences, we will do our best to honor them. We need to hear from BOTH families about such requests. We will do our best to honor these requests, but it may not be possible to fulfill every one. Westwind is a terrific opportunity to make new friends, so you do not need to make a special request. We will match you up with a good cabin, and with another fun family to share the cabin, whether you make a special request or not. The camp will to be FULL, and it is challenging to fill every bed in every cabin, while keeping families and friends together.