Camp Westwind – Packing

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Rain, sometimes HEAVY rain, is often a reality at Camp Westwind. Luggage is transported into camp on an open-bed truck and may be exposed to rain for a prolonged period. You really don’t want to be stuck with wet clothing and sleeping gear. Pack in a manner that will keep your things dry! Pack everything in sturdy, rainproof luggage. Pack clothing and bedding in plastic garbage bags inside your luggage. Save your bags for the return trip.

Westwind staff will transport our luggage to the lodge, but you’ll need to carry it to your cabin, which may be uphill from the lodge. Pack in something that is easy to carry. Backpacks and duffle bags work better than suitcases. Wear shoes and clothes that are good for walking in soft sand.

There will be a map of the cabins at the lodge, along with the cabin assignments list, but it is a good idea to make note of your cabin name and cabin-mates before arrival. Cabin assignments are sent out a week or two before your weekend.

Recommended packing list

  • Sleeping bag & pillow. (Cabins have bunk beds with a camp mattress)
  • Towels (shower & beach)
  • Clothing: several changes, including warm socks, outer wear, rain gear, fleece, warm hat & gloves. (Check the weather for Lincoln City. Even on a sunny weekend, evenings and mornings can be cool)
  • Bathing suit (for mud­mucking!)
  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes (beach shoes, & something warm, dry, and good for hiking)
  • Flashlights (with extra batteries)
  • Earplugs (for sleeping, in case one of your cabin-mates snores).
  • Toiletries, Band-aids, personal health care items, medications, etc.
  • Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen.
  • Kites, beach toys, playing cards, games, crafts, musical instruments, etc.

** There are no laundry facilities, so pack extra clothes if needed!


Be sure to check the weather forecast for the weekend a couple days before departure to adjust your packing plans. Weather for Lincoln City, Oregon will pretty accurately apply to Camp Westwind. Rain is never a surprise, so it is wise to be prepared. Nights are cool and days can be sunny, so be ready!

Cell phones, electronics

Cell phone coverage in camp is spotty. Some services can get coverage on the upper floor of the lodge. Most services have coverage at the riverfront, which is a 10­-15 minute walk from the lodge. There is a landline phone in the lodge for emergencies. Please refrain from bringing electronic devices & toys unless you simply cannot survive without them. The weekend is a great opportunity to commune with nature and friends, and you don’t need an app for that!

Alcohol policy

Alcohol is permitted, but moderation is expected. For insurance reasons, Oya No Kai does not serve it. You are permitted to bring some for your personal consumption, but you must be responsible with it. Alcohol should never be left out unsupervised. Please clean up after yourselves. You will be asked to leave if you are unable to behave in a civil manner or are not providing an appropriate example for the many children present. No underage alcohol consumption is permitted, and violators of this policy will be sent home.