8th Grade Japan Research Residency

About the program

The Japan Research Residency (JRR) serves as the “capstone” academic experience for 8th graders enrolled in the Japanese Dual Language Immersion (JDLI) Program at Mt. Tabor Middle School. This two-week integrated academic cultural exchange to Japan in the spring provides 8th grade Japanese Immersion students at Mt. Tabor Middle School the opportunity to utilize their language skills and cultural understanding to explore and conduct research in rural and urban areas of Hiroshima, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures.

Students must meet both academic and behavior requirements as well as take an active role in the design and preparations of the cultural exchange to participate in this school sponsored cultural exchange.

The Japan Research Residency is an academic experience offered to JDLI students by Portland Public Schools. The trip is PPS-facilitated (not sponsored) and is not a required trip. Oya No Kai is pleased to support PPS and the JRR with scholarships and administrative assistance.

Purpose of the JRR

  • Apply classroom learning of Japanese language and culture in Japan.
  • Increase proficiency in oral and written Japanese as well as cross cultural communication.
  • Conduct hands-on research related to math, science, social studies, language arts and Japanese. Projects are begun prior to departure and conclude with major written and oral presentations in both English and Japanese upon return. The oral presentation serves as a required state writing sample and field study assignment, and project requirements are aligned to state standards for all content areas.
  • Make human connections with their Japanese peers and families

Student Participation

Students are expected to display a purposeful desire to participate in the JRR and maintain academic and behavioral commitments throughout the school year. There are a variety of ways students participate in the JRR.

  • Ministry Participation
  • Research Inquiry Project
  • Fundraising
  • Hosting Japanese students after they return


For general JRR-related questions, please contact Matt Bacon-Brenes at mbaconbr@pps.net.