8th Grade Research Residency

Area of Travel: Chugoku Region (Hiroshima) and Kansai Region (Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures)

Sister Schools: Yanase Junior High School and Ikuno Middle School, Asago-city (previously Santo-city), Hyogo prefecture

This two-week integrated academic cultural exchange to Japan in the spring provides 8th grade Japanese Immersion Program students at Mt. Tabor Middle School the opportunity to utilize their language skills and cultural understanding to explore and conduct research in rural and urban areas of Hiroshima, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures.

Students begin their studies at Hiroshima, the site of the dropping of the first atomic bomb. From there they are hosted by a small agricultural town, Santo, in Hyogo prefecture, where crane, hawk, and heron fill the skies. Get lucky and you will see fox, tanuki, wild boar, giant salamander and even a bear. Students must employ various forms of transportation to reach their field study sites.

Students must meet both academic and behavior requirements as well as take an active role in the design and preparations of the cultural exchange to participate in this school sponsored cultural exchange. Oya No Kai and Mt. Tabor staff work with the International Cultural Exchange Association in Santo as well as the one in Ikuno to prepare for this annual visit.

2020 Japan Research Residency Information

For questions, please contact Matt Bacon-Brenes at mbaconbr@pps.net.